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Client: SBI - Small Bone Innovations

Description: When a startup orthopedic manufacturer needed to showcase their small bone orthopedic components quickly in order to raise funding and market their products to a critical audience of orthopedic surgeons, they turned to the experienced multimedia professionals at Veritech Corporation.

Veritech was given six weeks to produce a series of interactive CD-ROM marketing programs along with an interactive trade show demo. Videos had to be shot, 3D animation had to be created, medical and legal hurdles had to be overcome, graphics created, as well as audio recorded and sweetened. And once the assets were created, the programs had to be brought to life through programming and then QC tested to make sure they worked as designed.

Crews were sent out all around the county to collect video footage of the operation using the newly designed components, along with surgeon interviews. 3D animators were set in motion and had to work around the clock to produce views of the components in place and working in the human body. Veritech programmers created a way to tie together images of the instruments used in the operation with operative footage to allow the viewer to see an instrument and then view how to use that instrument, first with sawbones (fake bones ) and then with cadavers or live surgery. The program was an immense hit. It helped to successfully launch the company and its products. Some three years after the launch, the CD-ROM programs are still being successfully used.