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Basic Medication Administration

Clinician Education

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The hospital environment is full of pressures and demands that can tempt nurses to take shortcuts, make assumptions, and skip steps in vital procedures. This course will help them resist such pressures. They will learn many ways to avoid tragic and costly medical errors while being motivated to improve their own performance of responsibilities that literally mean the difference between life and death for their patients.

The CDROM is divided into six sections on the following topics:

  • Basic Principles of Medication Administration
  • Patient Allergies
  • Taking and Transcribing Physician Orders
  • Communication: The Key to Safe Medication Processes
  • Identifying and Reporting Medication Errors
  • Safe and Appropriate Medication Administration.

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Heart Failure

Clinician Education

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This independent computer interactive CDROM has been developed for registered nurses and other health care professionals who have identified the need to gain information on new developments as well as review current information on congestive heart failure.

The goal is to prepare participants to assume or expand nursing responsibilities to care for a full range of heart failure patients from Class I-Class IV using the New York Heart Association Functional Classification System.

This program is $79.95 plus $7.50 shipping.